Carlo Uchello is the author of the newly-released book "100%PWin" - the indispensible guide to improving your PWin on contracts that are going to be recompeted,  Carlo is available for presentations as well as working with you on your recompete readiness.

Sound Business Solutions LLC

Focused on the US Federal Government marketplace, Sound Business Solutions LLC provides expertise in developing, growing, and managing your business with the US Federal Government.  Services include:

Carlo Uchello

Carlo is an experienced business leader with many years of experience in the US Federal Government Contracting Marketplace.  He is experienced in developing and executing strategy, managing multiple initiatives and projects, and coaching and mentoring team members. He is a seasoned professional with a proven track record of optimizing processes, improving profitability, and increasing revenue growth while improving client relationships. 

For more information or to schedule a meeting or call, please email Carlo at, or call him at 202-841-3634.

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